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The Deanís Message May 2014



Dear Members and Friends,

Super Saturday was a wonderful event! We were very blessed to hear a wonderful keynote address, given by Bonnie Goodliffe, and blessed to associate with all those who attended. Thank you to everybody who helped with Super Saturday Ė those who served on the committee, taught classes and lessons, played prelude and hymns, helped set up and clean up, took care of publicity and food, made copies, posted handouts on the website, and contributed to the organizing and planning! Thank you, also, to everybody who attended!

I am always in awe at what can be accomplished when people come together and freely contribute their time and talents to enrich lives through organ music. Although our next Super Saturday is a year away, now would be a good time to think about how you might contribute to the event next year. If you would like to teach a class or help behind the scenes, please contact our Super Saturday Chairman, Matt Beesley, at matthew.beesley89@gmail.com, or contact Paul Duncombe at paulduncombe@hotmail.com, or Sheri Peterson at sheri.peterson@gmail.com.

Thanks are also in order for our sub-dean, Jack Stoneman! It has been a pleasure to work with him! He has done a fabulous job of helping to carry out our events the past two years. As this term comes to an end, I hope that you will take the time to thank Jack for a job well done. Thank you, Jack! We all appreciate your service!


I hope to see you all at the hymn sing on May 16.


Thank you for a wonderful year!




        May2014 Newsletter†† Photos from the April Super Saturday